How It Works

On January 25, 2023, Neil Cummins students will celebrate reading by working together to read and complete reading-related activities during their school day. Starting January 5, students will be asked to seek pledges from family, friends, and neighbors, in support of their reading. Our goal is to raise $65,000 for Neil Cummins. This is the primary fundraiser for the Neil Cummins PTO and our goal is 100% participation from every Neil Cummins student. Students will have the opportunity to win prizes for their classrooms and we encourage children to work hard to get as many pledges as possible to support our school.

During Readathon day, students are encouraged to bring books from home, the school library or the public library to build a bag of books they are excited to read on January 25. We encourage you to help your child stock up on just the right books that will keep your child engaged throughout the day.  There are many recommendations available to you if you are struggling to build a great selection of books.

The Readathon will continue its green initiative with the online donation site, 99pledges. This streamlines the collection process and helps students reach a broader audience, without having to keep track of or handle money.  You will receive a custom link to your child’s web page which you can share with family and friends to request donations.

Tip 1: Help your student make a short video to explain the Readathon and to ask for support. Something short and sweet that you can quickly send via email, text, or social media.

Tip 2: You can use this copy for the email / text / social post to make it easier.

[Your student(s) first name] is participating in a Readathon on January 25, to raise money for [her/his] school.  This fundraiser will help fund the school library, reading resources, playground equipment, better teacher resources/education and much more. If you would like to donate, please visit our fundraising page: [insert URL(s) for student’s page].

Ideally, all donations will be made directly through 99Pledges, but cash or check donations are also accepted. If your child collects cash or check pledges, please complete the pledge form provided, and turn those donations in directly to the school office. Pledges can be made in a flat amount, or on a per minute of reading basis when made through 99Pledges. Flat donations are charged immediately and per minute pledges will be charged upon completion of the 300 minutes of reading during the Readathon on January 25, 2023. All donations are due by February 10, 2023.