Why is Neil Cummins doing a Readathon this year?

Because it’s FUN and it helps to directly fund important things for Neil Cummins like physical education and playground equipment, the school library, teacher development and in-classroom reading libraries, the school garden, parent education nights and so much more!

When is the Readathon?

The Readathon is Wednesday, January 29, 2020! Mark your calendar!

Where does the money I raise go?

The Readathon is the primary fundraiser for the PTO, providing about 50% of the annual PTO budget. Donations help fund: instructional materials, professional development for teachers,  furniture and classroom equipment, PE and playground equipment, campus events, library, parent education, assemblies, campus improvements, school gardens, and much more! This year the PTO was fortunate to donate the fund necessary for the 1st-5th grade dance units provided by Alan Scofield.

How can I help with the Readathon?

Help your child by ensuring they have time for fundraising – help them make a short video to send out, help them to make the time for phone calls or emails to friends and family. We have some communication tips on our How It Works page.

You can also help your child build a bag of books to read on Readathon day. Visit the library – school and public – and stock up on just the right books that will keep your child engaged throughout the day. Help your child label his/her personal books before bringing them to school.

We are looking for parent volunteers to help in the classrooms on the Readathon day – January 29. Your child’s teacher will have specific volunteer times available, so check with your child’s teacher about coming in and participating in whatever way you can.

My child is a slow reader, is there support for him/her?

Yes! All the usual support is available at school from teachers to para-professionals. Your child’s teacher is aware of your child’s ability and will ensure that he/she is included and supported throughout the day.

I think my child will be bored reading. What other activities are planned?

The Readathon team is working with every teacher at every grade level to make the day fun and exciting! In addition to reading, there will be audio books, word searches, play or theater style reading, possibly videos related to books, games and more! Each teacher will work with their class to suit that class’s needs.

What if my child is absent the day of the Readathon?

We encourage your child to read even if they miss the actual Readathon day in school. If they are sick, read to them or let them read on their own time when they feel up to it. If you are traveling, bring a book – or two or three! – with you so they can get their minutes in. Unfortunately there are no in school makeup days for the Readathon.

What if my child cannot get donations or I cannot afford to donate?

The PTO is very sensitive to the fact that not everyone can or will ask for donations. What is most important is that all students participate in the Readathon process even if they do not collect donations. Please contact your teacher if your child is having trouble getting donations. Your teacher will help your child to connect him/her with an “angel donor” from the PTO if needed.

Does reading outside the classroom count toward minutes read?

Only reading in school on January 29 will be counted toward the Readathon fundraiser. Weather permitting, many teachers will allow kids to read on the benches outside the classroom or during recess, so those do count! But only on January 30, and only on school grounds!

Can I start reading before January 30?

Sure…but they won’t count toward the minutes read during the Readathon! Reading is important and we strongly encourage all students to spend time reading or being read to each night. Sharing the gift of reading with your child is a fun and lifelong pursuit.


What is 99Pledges and why do we partner with them?

99Pledges is a website that helps many schools and community organizations to collect donations for their fundraising events. We like working with 99Pledges because it helps students reach a broader audience but doesn’t require them to worry about handling money. Students receive a custom link to their personal web page, which can be shared with friends and family to request donations.

What info does 99Pledges have about my student and what if I want to opt-out?

99Pledges will receive your child’s name, class, grade, and a family email address, but all information is confidential and will NOT be shared. There is a strict policy not to sell or distribute this information, or contact anyone beyond the scope of the Readathon. Cash donations collected are also entered and tracked online so we have a complete picture of the results of the event. Click here for more information about 99Pledges privacy policy. If you would like to opt out of participating in the Readathon, please email ncreadathon@gmail.com.

What is the suggested donation amount?

While there is no suggested amount, we are hopeful that each student will do the best they can to raise as much money as they can for our school. Based on the $65,000 fundraising goal, we are hoping for each student to raise about $150.

Why is there an individual goal and can I change it?

Our emphasis is on participation and not on a set dollar amount to raise. Keep in mind that the Readathon is a fundraiser, the individual goal simply reflects the average fundraising amount per student that will help us reach our overall school goal (less fees and expenses). The goals are a standard feature of the 99Pledges website, and cannot be eliminated or changed for individual participants. Please express to your children this goal is just a guideline and it was automatically calculated for each student.

Can I customize my child’s participant page?

Unfortunately, the participant pages cannot be customized. However, we recommend that parents work with their children to compose personal emails to friends and family that include links to their personal fundraising web pages and express their personal fundraising goals. A phone call or visit to family and friends, followed by an email, is a great strategy that creates a more personalized approach while still taking advantage of the simplicity of donating via the website.

Are my online payments secure?

Yes, the site is encrypted.  You should be able to see it at the top of the browser.  All traffic gets redirected from “http://” to “https://”, which encrypts it using SSL (same technology that banks use). Further, you can see lock icons on donation pages.

Is my donation tax-free?

Yes! The Neil Cummins PTO is a registered Section 501(c)3 nonprofit and donations qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. (Tax ID#36-4781717)

How can I track my child’s class donations and participation percentage?

Due to feedback from previous years and our overall goal of participation – our team chose to turn off online tracking of class totals. The Readathon team will run a report and send the total donations and participation percentage of each class to every teacher on a regular basis. Please note that envelope donations must be manually entered by Readathon team members, so there will be a lag time between the date you submit your envelope in the collection box at the school office and when those donations appear on your child’s fundraising webpage.

Can my child still collect donations the old-fashioned way? (Door-to-door)

Yes! If your child does not have computer access or prefers to personally solicit donations, they will still have the traditional envelope option. Please note that students must submit their envelope donations by February 28, 2020 to be counted online toward their and their class’s totals. Completed envelopes should be placed in the donation box in the school office. Additional envelopes can also be procured at the office.


How is the winning classrooom determined?

There will be ONE winning classroom for the Readathon, but no individual winners. The class with the 100% participation will receive a special class trophy and a classroom party.

* Please note that 100% participation means that each student in the class has at least one donation, regardless of donation amount.

What is the giveaway this year?

The Readathon Team is excited to announce our giveaway! Each child will receive a reusable Readathon tote.  It’s the perfect way to bring books to school – and can be used over and over again! Take it to a sleepover, to soccer practice, to basketball, to chess and to the market. It’s a great way to show pride for your school and reading – and be environmentally friendly and get to our school goal of zero waste.

My child lost his Readathon tote. Can I get a replacement?

Yes! Replacement totes are available for $10.  All money supports the Neil Cummins PTO. Contact ncreadathon@gmail.com for a replacement.


Who is on the Readathon team?

The Readathon team is comprised of four parent volunteers and a former teacher! The team includes: Dina Harrison (Mom to Kate (7th) and Jack (5th)), Kate Lowe (Mom to William (5th) and Daniel (2nd)), Maya Pacheco (Mom to Charlotte (3rd) and Olivia (age 4)) and Caitlin Brown (Mom to Amelia (3rd), Oliver (1st) and Henry (almost 3 years old). Ms. Mary Creigh Houts, a former Neil Cummins teacher, was fundamental in creating and shaping the Readathon and will continue to provide her expertise as a former teacher and lover of reading! We feel fortunate to be working together for a great cause.

Additional questions?

Email the Readathon team! Our email address is ncreadathon@gmail.com.