Welcome to the 2020 Neil Cummins Readathon!  

We’re proud to announce our lineup of guest authors coming to join us on Readathon Day! Learn more about Alexandra Giardino, Ian Lendler, Danielle Svetcov and their wonderful books on our Authors Page. You can also order signed copies of their books for your children!

The Readathon is the primary fundraiser for the Neil Cummins PTO providing almost 50% of the PTO’s annual budget. Donations help fund: instructional materials, professional development for teachers, furniture and classroom equipment, PE and playground equipment, campus events, library, parent education, assemblies, campus improvements, and much more!

Donate Today!

Please note that this year 99Pledges is collecting a tip on their platform. This tip goes to 99Pledges to offset the costs of running their site and NOT to Neil Cummins. Last year, 99Pledges charged a 10% platform fee on all donations collected. This year, they have eliminated that large cost and only charge online processing costs of 2.9% + 30 cents/transaction which ultimately means more money for our school.  If you’d like to tip, do so at your discretion and knowing the tip money goes to 99Pledges for platform enhancements and improvements. Spread the word to family, friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc! Thank you!