Book Recommendations

COMING SOON: The Readathon Team is pleased to announce some hot off the presses book lists by local authors, booksellers, and librarians. Check back soon for these coveted lists.

Neil Cummins teachers, librarians and staff have come up with book lists to support student reading.  The Marin County Library also has a wonderful list of books for each grade level.  And if you like a certain type of book, you’ll find similar books listed too! Click on the item that interests your child. Happy browsing – and reading!

And don’t forget, if you decide to purchase any books – for the Readathon, or for your collection – please support local booksellers that give back to our school such as Book Passage, Books Inc., and Copperfields. Don’t forget to use as it supports SPARK.

HOT TIP! Concerned your child isn’t a reader? Or doesn’t like reading as much as he/she should? We recently attended a book talk on How To Raise a Reader by Pamela Paul and Maria Russo. There were all sorts of tips to help make reading pleasurable at any age! Check out their New York Times article that eventually became a book for some great tips from the pros.

From the Neil Cummins Library

All Neil Cummins teachers have their own favorites! Ask them! And ask the School Librarian, Ms. Traverso about her favorites too!

You can also visit our District Librarian, Ms. King’s website for recommendations.

Marin County Library

Grades K-2 Favorites

Grades 2-3 Favorites

Grades 3-4 Favorites

Grades 4-5 Favorites

Grades 5-6 Favorites

Wonderful Award Winning Books

Polite Protagonists in Early Chapter Books

….and more lists can be found on the Marin Library Children’s site!


Kindergarten Favorites

1st Grade Favorites

2nd Grade Favorites

3rd Grade Favorites

4th Grade Favorites

5th Grade Favorites